Ten Reasons to Buy from us:

     Yes We Can Help    

  Everyone is qualified

  • Under certain terms and conditions, either through traditional banking or in-house financing, we offer both options
     Your credit is good with us

  • We base your qualifications on your present situation, not your score

    •     Free appraisals

      •  An important part of any car deal is the value of your  trade

         Flexible Financing 

      • We are able to offer options other dealerships can not
           Female friendly

      •     Female sales associates are available

           Affordable pricing

      • Our prices are within banking guidelines for financing

           Conveniently located
      •   Hwy 27 between Lexington KY and Nicholasville KY

            Quality and selection

      •         Largest selection of pre-owned vehicles in the state

               Consideration of time
      •       All appropriate paperwork will be prepared before you arrive

      • Compassionate and understanding sales staff

      •     We say   "YES"   when everyone else said   "NO"